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MDM Methods IT Services Providers in New York City Can Help You Implement in Your Business

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The workforce is becoming more and more mobile, and that can be a good thing for all of us, especially those who like to work from home or away from the office. Flexible workplaces and remote work opportunities have been seen to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. As a business, once you have opened these work channels for your team, you have to make sure that your network security is not compromised by the growing number of connected mobile devices. With good mobile device management (MDM) practices from an IT services provider in New York City, you can safeguard your business.

Top MDM Services to Start Implementing

There are a number of ways you can manage mobile devices and protect your network. The following measures can be implemented to maximize your network security. When you partner with the right company, these measures are made easier:

  • Anti-malware software – There’s no substitute for an effective, updated anti-malware software running on all mobile devices on your network. Installing this should be a non-negotiable!
  • Data encryption – Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods, and data being sent over wireless networks isn’t completely safe. That’s why data encryption is highly recommended.
  • Regular security audits – No system or strategy is completely fail-proof— that’s why routine checks are necessary to make sure your security solution is still the best possible. IT services providers in New York City can help with regular audits.
  • Password management – Your network must be protected by passwords to prevent just anyone from accessing it; that goes without saying. The next step to this is making sure that your employees create strong passwords. Additional security measures you can implement in your password management efforts include keeping track of failed login attempts and automatically locking inactive devices. You can also limit access to different parts of the network.
  • Employee training – Training your team to use your network well and safeguard their passwords and devices is also important.

If you are interested in getting assistance with any of the security measures discussed above, contact us at HOCS Consulting. We provide IT services in New York City and we can help you improve your business’ security.

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