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Why You Need IT Support in New York City for Your Data Backup

IT support New York cityManaged data backup is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses of all types. This full-service solution helps minimize costs, time commitments, and risk of data loss. Here is a look at the many benefits of managed data backup as detailed by our IT support team in New York City:

Improved Security

Backup providers worth their keep ensure security is a high priority. These providers guarantee data is kept safe with in-depth protection through comprehensive security measures that safeguard data centers. Though there is a common worry that placing data in the cloud inherently makes it less secure, the truth is the exact opposite. There is no need to bother with making and storing physical backups of your data that have the potential to be stolen when you rely on the cloud. If you are hesitant to transition to the cloud, let our IT support team in New York City help you through the transition so you can maintain your focus on what you do best while we sweat the technical details.

The Remote Access Your Team Needs

Your team will need to access backed up data sooner or later. As long as your data is backed up in the cloud, you can access it with ease. This immediate access is quite helpful considering the breakneck pace at which business moves today. Use a managed backup service and your information will likely be housed in several locations. This way, you do not run the risk of potentially losing your valuable information, angering clients and jeopardizing your business. Managed data backup ensures you are provided with access to the data you need without delay.

Reporting and Restoration

Reporting is performed on a daily basis. Reporting confirms the backup is full and complete. Furthermore, quarterly tests are run to guarantee your data can be completely restored if a triggering event occurs.

Managed Data Backup Will Save You Money

Businesses prefer managed data backup solutions for an array of reasons yet saving money consistently ranks as a leading motivation. Reducing IT costs with cloud backup ultimately boosts data security, improves accessibility, pleases clients and makes everything easier for your business.


Do you need help making the most of your tech? From managed services to cloud solutions, mobile device management, disaster recovery and beyond, our IT support team in New York City does it all. Contact us at HOCS Consulting today to learn more.

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