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Our IT Consultant in New York City Can Help You Survive Ransomware

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A cyber-attack can happen to anyone. While good defenses can significantly reduce your risk, it’s not realistic to expect that you can be 100% safe. That’s why more large and small businesses have experienced these attacks in the last few years than ever. One of the worst types of malware out there is ransomware. With the assistance of an IT consultant in New York City, you can protect your business, your data, and your clients in such situations.

What to Do When Your Business Faces a Ransomware Attack

Once ransomware is in your network and computers, it can limit your access to your own data and information, much of which might be very sensitive and confidential. To regain access to your files, the malware demands a monetary ransom.

Ransomware is a serious matter. If your business experiences a ransomware attack, this can severely limit how your business moves forward. Here are a few important actions you can take to limit the impact of this business disaster and safeguard your business:

Inform the relevant people

Experiencing a cyber-attack is not something you need to keep to yourself. Many large corporations have been in the same shoes and bringing this in the open can help you get the help you need. It’s a good idea to report the cyber-attack to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center to help it keep track of what threats are out there.

Another important party to alert is your IT consultant in New York City. You can get assistance with how to handle the situation and how to manage the technology crisis. Experts are available to save you time and effort. Depending on the nature and magnitude of the ransomware attack, it could also be important for you to notify external parties with a stake in your business, such as your customers and investors.

Contain and manage the situation

With the help of your MSP, you should act swiftly to understand the scale of the attack. Find and disconnect infected computers from your network to stop the spread of the malware. If you can’t access your data, this could be the time to restore your backup so that your business is not incapacitated.


HOCS Consulting is a trusted IT consultant in New York City. If you need help with your cybersecurity, we can help. We offer timely support to protect your business and help you in the event of a business disaster. Contact us today to learn more.

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