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Why You Should Outsource IT Support in New York City Rather Than Hire Your Own IT Staff

IT support New York cityMany small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are outsourcing their IT support in New York City for various reasons, such as cutting costs and leveraging mobile applications. Another common reason is getting access to expert staff. When your company is working with a third-party IT service provider, you don’t have to hire your own experts and specialists because the provider already takes care of that. Besides that, it’s quite challenging to recruit qualified IT professionals, especially for SMBs limited by a tight budget. If you want to seek your own IT staff, you’ll have to deal with the following concerns:

1. Finding qualified applicants

To get top talent, you need to know where to look for IT support in New York City and you need to make sure they find you. This involves joining job fairs at universities to attract graduating students, taking out ads in industry publications, being active on LinkedIn and other professional networks, etc. If applicants need to sell themselves to employers, so do employers to applicants. It’s a two-way street which both parties need to navigate.

2. Competing with other companies

It’s only natural that you want top talent. But the IT industry is so competitive that many companies are also looking to hire the cream of the crop. Because of the multiple options IT professionals have, they can freely choose where to work – and of course, they’ll pick the one offering the best compensation, benefits, network, career path, work culture, etc. You have to be willing to spend a lot if you want qualified jobseekers to choose your company.

3. Managing unmet expectations

The challenges don’t stop after recruitment. New employees can suffer from low morale because they feel that their tasks are overwhelming, or the environment doesn’t feel welcoming. When their expectations are unmet, they suffer from low morale which has a negative impact on their productivity. This will affect their performance and output. Thus, it’s important that your company helps new employees ease into the workplace, especially if their positions come with a heavy workload.

4. Retaining talented employees

Aside from convincing applicants to work at your company, you also need to convince employees to stay. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of resources on recruiting and training people only for them to leave and join a competitor after only a year or so. Therefore, you must track employee satisfaction and take the necessary action if your staff is already starting to burn out. If you think recruitment is hard, wait until you have to work on retention!

5. More diverse skills coverage. Outside of the largest companies, it’s often unrealistic to maintain a staff with all of the different types of skills that you need.

6. Cost effective access and timely access to skill sets that you don’t need extremely often.

7. More constant coverage. You don’t need to worry that someone is going on vacation so you won’t have support for desktops / printers / servers / email etc.

Given how difficult hiring and retaining qualified employees, it’s best not to make your own team and subscribe to IT support in New York City instead. The provider will have their own team of experts to help you with your IT processes, all for a reasonable subscription fee. For a provider you can count on, consider working with us at HOCS Consulting. As an experienced provider of IT solutions, we can assure you that we’ll deliver only the best services to your company. Contact us today to get additional information.

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