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Preparing for the Cloud with IT Services in New York City

IT services New York city, New York IT supportAs your IT services provider in New York City will confirm, cloud computing is no longer a future concept— it’s now part of the past and present. Unlike trends that come and go, it will only expand in the future, especially for businesses.

Here are important concepts to consider when planning your move to the cloud:

Why Cloud Migration is Complex

Cloud computing entails multiple systems integrated into a central location in a data center. If you don’t plan a cloud migration carefully, it can be costly with unproductive downtime. When the transition isn’t done properly, it means starting some processes over from scratch. Even if your company is abandoning its existing infrastructure completely and starting with fresh applications, chances are you’d want to still preserve old data, which must be inspected and tested file by file to avoid transferring corrupt files to your new system.

How IT Professionals Help with Migration

Planning a cloud roadmap is the key to making cloud migration efficient with minimal complications that lead to other problems. Your IT services provider in New York City will have a clear picture of your business goals and can move along at a faster pace if you provide them with thorough details about your current and ideal platforms. A cloud roadmap involves documenting your networks, devices, and applications, along with their requirements and values.

Prioritizing digital assets is the foundation for ensuring a smooth transition. For maximum efficiency, decide before the move what stays and what is discarded in terms of equipment and software. Consider what you need to enhance performance, privacy, and compliance for your new cloud environment. Take into account current storage, networking, configurations, and security as you envision your desired cloud infrastructure.

Steps to Cloud Migration Preparation

  1. Take inventory of your digital assets by making detailed lists
  2. Test each application to make sure it’s cloud-ready
  3. Estimate direct and indirect costs of your new cloud environment

You should decide at this stage if you prefer a private, public or hybrid cloud model. New York IT support professionals can help steer you toward efficient solutions.


Avoiding wasteful costs in cloud deployment can be achieved by working with an experienced IT services provider in New York City. Even though the cloud is completely different from traditional IT, you can still turn to IT experts to make your cloud migration seamless. Contact us at HOCS Consulting to learn about how we can help plan and execute your migration in the most efficient manner to save you time and money.

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