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Thin Clients | IT Services New York
Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922
Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922

Thin Clients

A thin client is a specifically to connect to a server which it relies upon to complete its computing tasks. Typically, these machines have little memory, low end processors and little (or no) locally accessible storage. Thin clients are designed for security, easy implementation and centralizing your workforce’s data. They can be used as part of a datacenter or cloud environment as long as there is a solid connection to the server. Thin clients can be used to reduce upfront purchasing costs and energy bills, as well as licensing costs and IT support and maintenance costs.

Thin clients can have their downsides, too. For instance, the connection to the server is slow or unreliable, thin clients become almost useless. Also, because the client depends on the server to accomplish its tasks, the number of people using the system and the type of work they are doing can really slow down the work.

Our expert consultants can help you determine whether thin clients are appropriate for your company and can seamlessly integrate thin clients into your system as needed.