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Protect Your Network with Firewalls and IT Support in New York City!

IT support New York cityInstalling firewalls is a necessity if you want to maximize your security. A firewall can be based either on hardware or software, as it serves to block unwanted users on your network. IT support experts in New York City strongly advise businesses to install firewalls to protect them from cyber threats.

Understanding Different Firewall Types

The two broad categories of firewalls are client-based software firewalls, such as proxy and UTM, and hardware models, such as Stateful Inspection and NAT. A proxy or gateway firewall filters messages at the application layer. A Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall is a user-friendly companion to anti-virus software.

Network routers and modern computers typically include a firewall, although they must be configured by the user. A Stateful Inspection Firewall is another name for a traditional firewall that accepts or rejects traffic as determined by a specific protocol. The firewall monitors all activity on the network and can block access for unapproved devices. A Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall is a robust top-of-the-line security solution capable of hiding your entire network under one IP address.

How Firewalls Create a Safer Environment

Firewalls allow you to set security rules for your network that determine who has access and what they can do with their devices. It may be necessary to keep departments separate on your network. This goal of segmentation can be accomplished by configuring 24/7 network monitoring platforms and deploying virtual servers, which allow you to house multiple operating systems on one platform. Today’s most innovative IT support firms in New York City have adopted both virtualization and firewalls as robust security strategies.

Beyond Firewalls

Most modern computers already have a basic firewall. However, you still need additional protection to minimize risks. Having just one layer of any type of protection makes it easier for a hacker to disrupt a business. The multi-layered approach to security is the most reliable solution to block cyber threats and protect equipment from a natural disaster.

While a dedicated firewall is an effective solution for blocking ransomware and keeping confidential information private, you can reduce the odds of downtime further by educating your employees about how cybercriminals gain access. A primary strategy of attackers is to deceive workers into clicking various types of innocent-looking emails that are really designed to steal, freeze or destroy your data.

Your employees must learn to identify suspicious emails that may appear to come from a trusted source who requests that they do something that gives away secrets, such as passwords or Social Security numbers. The email might invite them to click on a discount coupon or link to a video game. Cybercriminals are notorious for using domains that are similar to popular websites. It’s best not to respond to any suspicious email.

When an employee falls for a phishing scam, it can lock up computers and force you to switch to a backup system, which is why you need a disaster recovery plan.


If you need to upgrade your business, consider an experienced IT support provider in New York City that makes modern security a top priority. Contact us at HOCS Consulting and ask how we can protect your network from cybercrime with reliably strong strategies, such as firewalls and more.

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