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Protecting Data with IT Services in New York City

IT services New York cityData protection is a core fundamental of IT services in New York City as a way to reduce monetary losses. The consequences of data loss have become significant, from reputation damage to lawsuits and fines. With regulations getting tighter on stored data, it’s important to prepare for a more security-oriented future.

How IT Can Protect Data

  • Make regular complete backups
  • Test files to make sure they work
  • Prioritize data so that less critical data can be stored affordably
  • Use network monitoring software
  • Train employees to be careful of what they click

Why Testing Matters

Testing data is crucial to ensure that you will be able to access data in an emergency. Files should periodically be tested to make sure they open properly and have not been corrupted. The quicker you can access backup files, the less downtime your company will experience. It’s important that your IT services technicians in New York City should take proactive steps to prevent security breaches so that employees can concentrate on their intended jobs.

The fact that governments throughout the world are imposing stricter controls on data privacy is enough reason to make data protection a high priority. The regulations demand that reliable backup systems are in place to reduce the risks of data loss in the event of hardware or software failure. Running periodic drills through a virtualized environment is an effective form of testing to make sure data is stored properly.

Once testing shows that your backup system works, you can then work on improving recovery time objectives (RTOs). In addition to testing file recovery, you should also develop recovery plans for physical servers, virtual machines, specific data, and software applications. Testing application backups requires knowledge of relationships between VMs and traditional servers.

At the same time, your IT staff must remember that too much testing can create risks of exposure to hackers. It’s best to schedule regular monthly or bimonthly routines to make sure the testing gets done often enough. Tests should also be performed after major application, hardware or data changes.

Evolution of Backup Testing

Many companies have gotten away with avoiding testing, but that was in an era in which cybercrime was not prevalent. These days, if you don’t have access to backups of any kind, it means you’re living in the stone age of technology. All critical data needs to be backed up in an at least three places. The reason virtual servers are becoming popular is that you can conserve space and hardware by putting several operating systems on one physical server.

The cloud has become a reliable place to backup data, but you still have to consider how confidential the data is. The most sensitive data must be reserved for private clouds, as public clouds should only be used for backing up less critical information. Overall, the cloud has made backup and testing more seamless and the most likely solution to restore business continuity.

Every business that stores financial data needs to guard against cybercrime because hackers target businesses that frequently make online transactions. It’s helpful to hire a reliable IT services provider in New York City to ensure maximum data protection. Contact us now at HOCS Consulting to learn more about how to preserve and restore data in case of an emergency.

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