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Be Secure With An IT Consultant In New York City During Halloween
Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922
Call Now For IT Support in New York City (718) 377-0922

Be Secure With An IT Consultant In New York City During Halloween

IT consultant New York cityHackers understand the times. They understand the crazy, fast-paced nature which defines the end of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Years and all the holidays in between. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. At the end of the year, you’re more likely to spend money. So, be secure this holiday season with an IT consultant in New York City.

Halloween is uniquely vulnerable because it isn’t traditionally considered a shopping holiday. Additionally, many are trying to find unique costumes, some of which can only be sourced from the web. A savvy hacker who understands people and the season may grimly reap thousands from scams aimed at unsuspecting consumers. Following are several tips to help ensure your Halloween isn’t a financial fright:

Be Cautious of Notices Pertaining to Package Delivery

One thing that an IT consultant in New York City is likely to advise you is to be cautious when it comes to emails that require you to give information or download anything. You shouldn’t have to download anything┬áto see the status of your package. A good rule of thumb is to just go check the website of the delivery agency or company you ordered from directly and to delete the email. Granted, with time, you’ll learn to parse between fakes and those that are legitimate. But during the holidays, you’re hurrying anyway. Cut out a possible mistake and check the website/shipping agency you know to be legitimate.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks When Making Purchases

You wouldn’t send your kids trick-or-treating on the bad side of town, would you? Well, why would you try to access Wi-Fi in the same district? Public Wi-Fi is generally less secure. Even in a mall, some hackers can piggyback the system to infect likely targets. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi. Keep personal information close to your chest.

Give Holiday Cards A Closer Look

Do you even know the Jicklunderbergs and why are they sending you a Halloween card in July? Be sure you’ve got some familiarity with greetings before you click to read them or download attachments. If you don’t know the sender, delete them.

Switching Passwords Per Account

Be sure to change your passwords to varying accounts at least once a month in order to maintain security.

Being Sure To Avoid URL Squatters

If you go to instead of, you may find a site that looks just like the primary one; however, only it’s a “front” to collect personal information. Double check URLs to make sure you’re not victim to a hack based on your harvested information.

If you’re unsure, an IT consultant in New York City through HOCS Consulting can help you identify and employ secure strategies for internet purchases. We work with businesses large and small, as well as those interested in technology assistance generally. Contact us us to help safeguard your digital identity.

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