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Signs it is Time to Outsource Digital Security to an IT Services Provider in New York City

IT services New York cityDigital attacks are on the rise against businesses of all types and sizes. Every business is vulnerable, regardless of its niche, revenue, or location. The challenge lies in safeguarding files with sensitive information and other digital assets. From network monitoring to identifying intrusions and managing threats, our IT services team in New York City has all the protective barriers your business needs. Let’s take a look at the top signs it is time to outsource digital security to the IT experts.

A Cyberattack Has Occurred

Bouncing back from a cyberattack is difficult. It can take upwards of several years to fully rebound from lost resources. Furthermore, winning customer trust will prove challenging, especially if their data was compromised. Our IT services team in New York City is here to update your digital security systems, ramp up your security and thwart another attack. Outsource your digital security and your team will be able to focus on other matters such as research and development, sales, and less complicated IT responsibilities.

You Operate in a High-Risk Industry

Industries that handle sensitive information, perform secretive research or deal with intellectual property are the main targets for hackers. If your business operates in the legal, finance, government, or healthcare industry, your data and operations are considered high-risk. Even if your business has ties to these industries, you will be targeted by cyber hackers sooner or later. You need a team of IT experts on your side to apply cutting-edge digital security solutions.

You are Considering a Cloud Expansion

Segueing to the cloud makes sense. However, a strong dependence on the cloud presents heightened security risks. If you rely on several clouds, it will be somewhat difficult to keep all your data organized. Furthermore, you will have to manage multiple security models. Our team is here to provide a uniform infrastructure to safeguard the cloud infrastructure regardless of how large it becomes.

BYOD is Becoming an Issue

Regardless of whether you have a BYOD policy, your employees will use their web-connected devices for work. Your team will use everything from smartphones to tablets and other unsecured mobile devices to access and store company files. If the proper security protocols are not in place, BYOD could backfire in a big way. Every business needs a rigid BYOD policy that ensures control over company resources and empowers employees to work with efficiency on devices they are familiar with. Lean on our digital security experts to craft the perfect BYOD policy for your unique business and you will rest easy knowing your team’s digital devices will not cause the downfall of your business.

Are you struggling with tech challenges? Whether you need assistance with cloud solutions, managed backup, disaster recovery, network security, mobile device management, or anything else related to technology, at HOCS Consulting, our IT services team in New York City has the answers. Contact us today to learn more.

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