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What Your IT Consultant in New York City Will Tell You When You Decide to Use Thin-Client Solutions

IT consultant New York city“Thin” vs “Fat” Computers

You might be surprised if an IT consultant in New York City advises you to go with thin-client solutions for your employees’ access and work terminals. However, this is increasingly the case due to a substantive technological increase.

Decades ago, at the dawn of computers in the corporate world, “fat” computers were in use. These were hard-drive lacking computers called “dumb” terminals because of their processing lack. The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, basically handled data between the remote accessed via a dummy terminal.

Today, the exponential technological impact has led to “thin” client solutions which are compact and access information via server connection remotely. A virtual desktop greets the user. At this point, a modern “thin” client hosting a virtual desktop is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional PC. This is true in usability and functionality. Additionally, “thin” client solutions are more competitive than “fat” computers because they aren’t as expensive.

The right IT consultant in New York City can help you utilize this trend in technological innovation to a financial advantage. If you have fifty clients in a call center with fifty desktop computers supporting their operations, that’s a minimum of $50k for acquisition; not to mention storage, shipping, installation, and upgrade. With a “thin” client, you can’t get rid of all those costs, but you can reduce them all substantially.

Advantages of “thin” client solutions include:

  • Curtailed Expenses
  • Simplified Hardware Management
  • Increase In Productivity
  • Enhanced Security
  • Expenses

You don’t have to pay as much for the terminal and basic support costs statistically disappear. You also reduce purchase costs, data center space, and licensing expenses. There are estimates you can see cost reductions as high as 70%.

Simplified Hardware Management

Software and hardware upgrade needs are virtually erased. IT personnel can fix functionality issues remotely, saving you time and money. Downtime is curtailed through networks that are less complicated. Your client access devices will automatically be backed up, protecting data.

Productivity Increase

Flexibility increases with “thin” clients and setup complications are reduced, therefore you don’t need specialists to come in and run everything. You’ve already seen productivity increase here through expedited installation. Your employees can get to work more quickly. Additionally, there are virtually no repair times, which will curtail individual employee downtime continually. Also, the same data and applications can be accessed from any device anywhere, making work more convenient and productivity greater.

Enhanced Security

You don’t have to deal with unauthorized software through a “thin” client. Your managed services provider can institute protections that all devices abide by. This keeps viruses out of the mix better than a “fat” computer system. No data can be removed from the system or saved anywhere but the server you’re using as a host. Managing and monitoring would be simpler because everything is processed centrally.

An IT consultant in New York City through HOCS Consulting can help you get an idea of your network’s needs, and whether a “thin” client solution would work for your business. Contact us and see whether this might be the right choice for you.

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