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Work With an IT Consultant In New York City for Cutting-Edge Security

IT consultant New York city, New York IT servicesIf you ask an IT consultant in New York City whether existing firewalls are sufficient to the task of protecting operations, they’re likely to ask how new said firewalls are. This is because a firewall’s effectiveness can’t be gauged by how well it’s served you over time. Technology changes constantly and rapidly.

Eighteen-month intervals define each period of increase, and this has been seen since Gordon Moore discovered the phenomenon in the sixties. This means new technology will always be hitting the scene; solving old problems and creating new ones.

Think of IoT as an example. The Internet of Things saves time and money, providing flexibility and assisting with data gathering and other management tasks. But not all devices with IoT ability are properly secured, and many provide hackers easy-to-access backdoors.

Accordingly, this increased surface area of entry-points requires new security solutions. The same thing is going on in terms of hardware and software throughout the end-user device market. It’s true with equipment like servers. Innovations solve problems, but unforeseen difficulties initiate new vulnerabilities requiring address.


What this ultimately means is that you must always be upgrading your operation’s security solutions. Antivirus software must be updated and you’ve continuously got to reinforce firewalls, seeking to remain on the cutting edge of next-generation solutions for most reliable security.

New firewalls should feature protective measures that handle new tech innovations. An IT consultant in New York City can help you accomplish this. Several features consultants are likely to advise you to seek include:

  • Monitoring of Diverse Applications
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions
  • Intrusion Prevention, DPI, And SSL Inspection

Features Expanded

Applications predominate today. They’re available across the cloud, as well as mobile networks. Diverse applications need to be managed, and there needs to be exclusionary measures to reduce instances of Trojan-bearing third-party apps. Vetting must exist, and working with a New York IT services experts to manage your firewall can be wise, as they can help you most comprehensively protect applications.

This bleeds into mobile device management (MDM). The right firewall should be able to keep apps that aren’t trusted from seeping into your network through mobile auspices. Newer firewalls are often managed in conjunction with MDM protocols.

Finally, direct intrusion protection, DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), and SSL inspection are integral to help ensure files and websites aren’t going to pose significant risks to operations.

Dependable Security

Working with an IT consultant in New York City can help you determine strengths and weaknesses of operations and where best to optimize. Contact us at HOCS Consulting for more information on next-generation firewalls, related security, and modern tech solutions.

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